Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Smith Cogeneration Dominican Republic Power Project was one of the world’s first and the largest floating platform combined-cycle power plant. This innovative use of GE technology has allowed the Dominican Republic to quickly and efficiently increase its power generation. The facility was designed to produce 185 MW of power.

Major plant components include a GE Frame 7 Gas Turbine Generator, a Heat Recovery Steam Generator, a GE Steam Turbine, Distributed Control Systems, two auxiliary steam boilers, and associated balance of plant equipment. The Plant was built on floating platforms in Houston and moved into its mooring site. Support facilities were built on shore and include the switchyard, control room and administration building, and fuel oil storage tanks.

The combined-cycle plant was built in two phases: Phase I, or the simple-cycle phase producing 85 MW of electricity, was built on a platform in Houston, Texas and floated to its permanent mooring in the Dominican Republic. The platform was delivered on a heavy-lift ship to the Dominican Republic approximately six months after construction began. Phase II, or the combined-cycle phase, began commercial operation on January 16, 1996. At that time, the plant output increased from 85 MW to 185 MW with a heat rate of approximately 8,000Btu/kWh.


DR Project