Don Van Pelt Smith

Donald Van Pelt Smith

BA Harvard University.
PhD Economics, Brown University.

Assistant Professor economics at SMU, Dallas.
US Sen. Gary Hart's staff on energy,
environment and budget in Washington.

Founded Smith Cogeneration
Founded Omega3Beef
Founded BMC

Developed a US energy plan, based on natural gas and conservation to eliminate oil imports. VP Finance GHK Gas Exploration in OKC. Founded Smith Cogeneration. Founded Omega3Beef.

Smith Cogeneration developed, and operated the 120MW PowerSmith Cogeneration Plant in OKC, developed a modern 185MW barge mounted power plant in the Dominican Republic, and initiated cogeneration projects India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Don developed a new blood line of cattle at DuckSmith Farms with genetics maximizing marbling and minimizing other fats. With the Transonic Hull Company Don built a new shaped boat hull which eliminated the bow wave and increased efficiency and performance.

Don established Quoddy Bay LNG on Maine's Passamaquoddy Reservation to bring gas to New England to dismantle polluting power plants and to supply gas fueled vehicles. Don founded Smith Algae Biofuels, to grow algae with CO2 from power plant exhaust to produce algal oil as a feedstock for biofuels.

Don's new Omega3Beef company feeds an algae supplement containing high omega-3s to cattle. The beef contains omega-3 levels similar to ocean fish, supporting heart, brain and mental health. After recent taste testing events the company expects to enter commercial operation in 2023. Don's patents world-wide provide an opportunity to build a large international corporation.

Don's EnvironmentalBeef company adds a red seaweed to cattle feed to reduce methane emissions of cattle. This reduces the impact of growing cattle on climate change.

Don recently co-founded the BMC group to build and operate Bitcoin mining projects based on hyper-efficient power production using previously vented or flared natural gas. The power plants and computers can be moved every 3 years to a new location for new stranded gas supply. Don's patent application provides a greener bitcoin mining operation with free steam-operated cooling to "overclock" the mining computers increasing revenue 40%.